Could I have an air quality problem?

  1. Do you feel better when not in your home or residence?
  2. Has your residence recently experienced water or fire damage?
  3. Has an unpleasant smell appeared in your living space?
  4. Do friends or family complain or make note of not feeling right when in your residence?
  5. Have your allergy symptoms become worse?
  6. Are you or a family member experiencing frequent respiratory ailments?
  7. Do you or family members smell odors or feel ill when the heat or air conditioner operates?
  8. Are there any discolorations or unknown substance that have appeared in the basement or attic?
  9. Are you planning on buying or selling your home? An inspection can prepare your home for sale or help you from buying a home with major indoor air quality issues.
  10. Has a doctor or other medical professional suggested that you should have the indoor air quality checked?


If you answered “YES” to one of these questions, you may have a problem with the air quality in your home or building.

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