Could I have an asbestos problem in my building?

  1. Was your home or building build before 1983?
  2. Do you have nine inch by nine inch floor tiles?
  3. Does your attic or walls have vermiculite insulation>
  4. Is the linoleum flooring in your home or building more than 30 years old?
  5. Is the adhesive for your floor tiles or linoleum black?
  6. Is the pipe insulation in your home grey or off white in color with what appears to be cement or cardboard underneath the outer covering?
  7. Are your pipe fitting covered in what looks like cement?
  8. Do you have textured walls or ceiling that look like there are small pieces of popcorn present?
  9. Does your boiler have a grey or white “cement like” covering?
  10. Is the siding on your home very hard and rigid like a piece of cement or ceramic?

If you answered “YES” to one of these questions, you may have asbestos in your home or building.

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