Could I have mold contamination?

  1. Do areas of your home of building have a musty or moldy smell?
  2. Have you noticed an increase in frequency in cold and allergy symptoms?
  3. Is mold or mildew in your bathroom appearing more frequently and/or to a greater extent?
  4. Has your home or building suffered from water damage in the last two years?
  5. Is there water staining inside your home or building?
  6. Does your basement often feel damp or smell musty?
  7. Is your attic more than thirty degrees warmer than the rest of your house during the summer months?
  8. Is your dehumidifier constantly running?
  9. Have you developed allergies to mold?
  10. Do you notice condensation on the inside of your windows or glass sliding doors?


During a mold inspection, JEES provides clients with answers to very important questions.

First, is mold contamination inside the home or dwelling? Often times mold contamination is misdiagnosed with uncertified contractors calling discolorations or efflorescence mold growth, when no mold growth is present. The flip side is missing mold growth due to misunderstanding that mold can appear very different than what is commonly recognized as mold.

Second, if mold growth is present, JEES provides answers as to what caused or is likely to have caused the mold growth. This allows one to correct the problem and prevent a re-occurrence of the mold growth.

Third, what is the best approach to address the mold growth? JEES provides a scope of work outlining what steps should be taken during the mold abatement. By providing this document clients can obtain prices from contractors bidding on the same project verses allowing the mold abatement contractor to determine the scope of work.

During the inspection, JEES uses applicable forensic tools to obtain answers to these questions while addressing the client’s concerns. These services are provided at cost that is often cheaper than most competitors.

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To everyone I speak with, when discussing the ‘Saga of the Fungus’, I strongly recommend your services.

L. Flanagan, Westboro, MA